SPA & Wellness Anwendungen

Arrive – Relax – Feel Comfortable

For your personal well-being, choose your spa treatment that fits your needs best.

Klassische Massage

Personalized traditional massage

Your massage therapist will help you to choose the focus for your massage, along with the intensity and whether you want a partial or full-body massage. With a full-body massage (50 min), you choose whether you want your head and face to be massaged.

(25 or 50 minutes)

Antistress Massage

Anti-stress massage

This massage uses acupressure methods based on Asian teachings. The focus is on your shoulders, neck, face, and head. The flushing technique provides a much-needed feeling of refreshment.

(45 minutes)

Unser Paket Tipp

Gönnen Sie sich eine Auszeit mit viel Entspannung. Wir empfehlen Ihnen unser Wohlfühl Arrangement mit einer individuellen Massage und einer Aromaölmassage für jede Person inkludiert. Erfahren Sie mehr über dieses Angebot…

Apre-Ski Massage

Sports massage

This treatment focuses on your legs and feet and is perfect after athletic activities. Targeted hand motions and techniques loosen up your muscels and support lymphatic drainage. A foot reflex-zone massage provides the relaxation you need.

(45 minutes)

Aromaoel Massage

Scented oil massage

Choose from a variety of different types of fragrances, which can also relax or revitalize. This treatment is recommended especially if you want to improve your well-being after an exciting day.

(80 minutes)

Apre-Ski Massage

Hot-stone massage

This application is a combination of a wellness massage and a pleasant warming trough the hot stones: 55-60° warm stones slide over your skin. The heat goes up to deep muscle and can thus loosen tension.

(90 minutes)

Aromaoel Massage

Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage is a special medical form of massage. It is applied to the congestion of the movements. The lymphatic circulation is stimulated by gentle touch.

Please note that this treatment can not be used for the following indications: Acute inflammation, atherosclerosis, pregnancy, heart failure, high blood pressure, thrombosis, hyperthyroidism

(25 or 50 minutes)