With a tangible past into the future

The Obermühle in the change of the epochs - the history goes almost 400 years far into the past. How it all began....

A significant coat of arms, women’s power and a host mentality that has spanned generations – the Obermühle 4*S Boutique Resort looks back on a long and exciting history. In some corners of the Obermühle there are even contemporary witnesses to be discovered. We span the gap between tradition and modern, homely ambience: authentic, unique, stylish.

nobility obliged

The mill as an imperial enterprise

The year is 1634 and it was to be one of the most important days for the mill owner Mathias Reiser and his Obermühle, as he received the coat of arms of the bourgeois nobility from Emperor Maximilian. That year is the foundation of the over 300 year old family tradition of the Obermühle. But the operation of a mill and a sawmill was a tedious and dangerous undertaking and tore some of the male heirs to death. It is thanks to the business acumen of the descendant Katharina Betz that you can read about the Hotel Obermühle today.



Fateful years

From the mill to the guesthouse

In 1925 Katharina Betz dissolved the mill that had become unprofitable in order to set up a guesthouse. After only a short time, the company was expanded and enjoyed a good reputation. The Second World War began. Misuse and a major fire threatened the existence of the Obermühle. After the war the pension was subordinated to the American army. At the beginning of the 50’s the Obermühle fell again into the possession of the family and was operated as a pension. The heir of Katharina and Karl Betz was her daughter Rothraut Wolf, together with her husband, the master brewer Oskar Wolf. The planning of extensive rebuilds was started quickly.

We reach for the stars

A new hotel business is created

Shortly before Christmas 1968, the nervousness within the entire family was almost tangible. Should it be possible to put the Hotel Obermühle back into operation before the big crowd of guests around Christmas? Every member of the family was involved, so that the first guests could be greeted on time for Christmas. From now on, the Hotel Obermühle was an integral part of the Garmisch social culture. Guests like the famous composer Richard Strauß already appreciated the skillful interplay of tradition and modernity.




Culinary delights at the Obermühle

Peter Wolf and his wife Mariele brought a breath of fresh air to Obermühle. With a lot of passion and imaginative design they continued the tradition of the Obermühle. Thus Peter Wolf made a name for himself within a short time with his excellent cuisine, which was known far beyond the city limits. Prizes, recognitions and, last but not least, admission to the Chaine de Rôtisseurs followed.

Stone on stone

Fresh wind on all levels

Host culture in the fourth generation: Christian Wolf has taken over the concerns of Obermühle in 2013 and masters the balancing act between longstanding tradition and today’s demands. The appearance of Obermühle has often changed, not least due to the extensive renovation work in 2013, 2015 and 2017.



Everything stays different

The Obermühle 4.0

The Obermühle did undergo the most extensive conversion of all times. 47 new rooms, an exclusive wellness area with infinity pool, conference and seminar facilities and an extension of all public areas. The Obermühle was closed for approx. 6 months in order to be able to carry out this conversion work as soon as possible.

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