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The Obermühle is a traditional hotel. But what does that actually mean?

The Duden defines tradition as follows: “Something that has been developed and passed on from generation to generation in terms of behaviour, ideas, culture or the like in the course of history, and which will continue to exist”.
Tradition is often equated with standstill. For us it means something different. To deal with what was, what is and everything that will come. This results in a constant development in order to be able to offer you family hospitality and service at the highest level.

Your host Christian Wolf - managing director in the fourth generation and thoroughbred hotelier

Your host Christian Wolf - managing director in the fourth generation and thoroughbred hotelier

Mr. Wolf, you were born into a host family. How do you define hospitality?

Christian Wolf: There is a credo in the hotel industry that has to be followed: The guest should leave the house happier than he came. So the art lies in giving the guests a good feeling. That sounds simple at first, but is a bit more difficult to implement and requires a good feeling.

In the ideal case the guest enters our lobby and recognizes at first sight the soul of the Obermühle – the warm and familiar atmosphere, which reminds one of at home, garnished with amenities on highest level. The Obermühle is supposed to be a place where our guests feel “at home” – with little surprises that they did not expect.

Your favourite place in the hotel?
This is our historic Bauernstube. This is where I used to do my homework together with my grandmother. And it was a place where the family sat together for nice game evenings. .

What does luxury mean to you?
For me, the definition of luxury has changed fundamentally. In the past, luxury meant when the mirror was gilded in the hotel or caviar was served in the restaurant. In my opinion, today it is much more about immaterial values: peace, time for oneself and the family, an attentive but unobtrusive service – we want to spoil our guests with this. .

Where do you see Obermühle in 5 years?
We want to create a balanced mix of quality, tradition and innovative ideas and strive to develop the Obermühle “close to the guest”: To recognise trends in good time, but not to follow them blindly and in the best case to know exactly what our guests want. So our guests need not fear a standstill. Those who already know us know that we are always good for a surprise.

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